Recognized as being the "Best of the Best" by Energi’s 2016 Excellence in Risk Management Award
Recognized as being the "Best of the Best" by Energi’s 2016 Excellence in Risk Management Award

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Working in the Williston Basin?

Here are a few services we offer for oil operations in the Williston Basin.


Mongoose Trucking & Hot Shot LLC

Physical Address:

302 2nd Ave NE

Parshall, ND 58770


Phone: 701-354-4260

Fax: 701-862-4036

Business Hours

Continuous operations excluding National Holidays.

Working in the Williston Basin?


A few things to think about when trying to determine the best trasportation service for you:


  1. Always keep in mind the capacity of our equipment as well as our crews to service your needs. Please be sure to request services well in advance.
  2. When dealing with wastewater disposal always consider your proximity to disposal sites in order to determine the optimal route for your by-products.
  3. Always keep in mind any hazardous materials must be declared to Mongoose before our team will service your locations.
  4. Remember that due to the harsh winters experienced in the basin that trucking loads will be reduced considerably to remain in compliance with "Frost" Road Restrictions established by the respective state of operation.
  5. Always remember when renting Mongoose Trucking & Hot Shot LLC equipment that you are liable for damages or theft.

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