Recognized as being the "Best of the Best" by Energi’s 2016 Excellence in Risk Management Award
Recognized as being the "Best of the Best" by Energi’s 2016 Excellence in Risk Management Award

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Working in the Williston Basin?

Here are a few services we offer for oil operations in the Williston Basin.


Mongoose Trucking & Hot Shot LLC

Physical Address:

302 2nd Ave NE

Parshall, ND 58770


Phone: 701-354-4260

Fax: 701-862-4036

Business Hours

Continuous operations excluding National Holidays.

Water Hauling

Mongoose Trucking offers reliable solutions for your water hauling needs! With a fleet of 150 bbl water truck and VAC trailers we aim to meet all of your wastewater needs.


Pricing Summary(Subject to Change)

Production Water Hauling: $2.10/bbl

Swamper/Laborer/Travel Time: $60.00/hr

Mileage Charge: $2.60/mile

Freshwater Hauling to Frac Site: $2.10/bbl

Freshwater Hauling (Service Work): $125/hr




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